11 Feb

UntitledI normally do not like to buy this kind of pre-made pizza dough.  I have in the past and it tasted exactly like biscuit dough.

I hate that.

Even me as a seven year old would have told you those kinds of pizzas suck.   I mean why bother?  Why not just get a frozen pizza and be done with it?

Seeing this in the chilled area of my local supermarket; I gotta admit I was curious.  I hadn’t noticed a “thin crust” version before.   Perhaps it was a new version or recipe?   I took it home to check it out.

UntitledRamping up the oven and assembling the ingredients for a very simple cheese pie.  A couple of handfuls of a six cheese blend and my go-to favorite jar of sauce.    It was really that siimple.   Probably took all of two minutes to unroll the dough, sauce it, cheese it, and slide it into the oven.

A few minutes later I withdrew a sheet pan containing a nice looking pie.

And it tastes like biscuit dough.


You would think they could throw some garlic powder….or powdered cheese or SOMETHING in that dough to at least TRY and make you think it’s a different dough.

But no.

I still had a couple of slices and it wasn’t horrible but it isn’t something I would revisit. EVER.

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