KYLITO’S Roasted Salsa

9 Feb

UntitledFound this at my local Kroger.  I am always interested in trying new salsas and I was very pleased with this one.  It is the “roasted’ variety from Kylito’s Salsas and it has some nice flavor.   It’s a great table sauce or something you could serve to everyone because the heat level is very mild.    It’s jar sauce that doesn’t quite taste like jar sauce. It tastes more like the type of salsa you would find freshly made in your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.  This jar didn’t last but a few days and I will be trying their “Scorching” as soon as I can find it.

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    […] so a few days ago I reviewed Kylito’s Roasted Salsa here.   I liked it well enough but it didn’t bring on the heat.  So at another Kroger location I […]

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