5 Feb

Goff's Burger and RingsGoff’s is an old-skool burger joint that has been around since the 50’s.   Most people in Dallas swear by their classic tastes and menu options.   The walls of the digs are filled with pics from the old days.  Place stays pretty busy.   Lots of to-go orders I am noticing while waiting for my own.

Nice and helpful staff help me through all the menu options and I go with the Old Fashioned and some onion rings.  Few minutes later I am walking to my car with a huge smile on my face.  I am about to destroy this bag.

Inside I found a pretty decent hamburger.   It’s a thinner patty and the burger as a whole is smaller than I would have thought.   I am instantly wishing I had ordered a double because I am super-hungry.  I have read about this place and some have called it a “charcoal” or “char-broiled” burger but I could not taste even the slightest hint of a grilled taste.   I even opened the burger and picked at the meat to look for char-marks.   None present.  What I did discover though was that my burger was more than 40% pink and under-cooked.  They were a little bit busy but not busy enough for the burger to be this rare.  Being miles down the road now, I ended up tossing it after a couple of bites.  I am troubled and confused.   I wanted this to be my new favorite spot and I am highly disappointed.    Did I just buy into the hype?  Did I just order the wrong thing?  I just expected more from a place that charged me close to five bucks for that burger and had such a glowing reputation.

I turn my attention to the onion rings which look amaze-balls.   They are cooked perfectly and have some excellent crunch.  Dinner was not ruined after all – these pups saved the day.   I seriously loved these onion rings and manage to salvage a positive note to carry forward.

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