2 Feb

Arby's French DipI don’t often visit Arby’s.   When I do I am always sorta surprised by the variety of things on their menu.  I thought they just sold roast beef sammiches, curly fries, and jamocha shakes.

Turns out they make all kinds of sammiches.

Today I opted for the French Dip & Swiss.   It’s your basic roast beef and swiss on a sub roll with some French Au Jus sauce for dipping.

This thing is pretty big and filling.   It’s also pretty salty.  The meat anyway.  The roll was soft and tender and was perfect for a big sammich like this.    I got the Au Jus, and it was served warm and did add a tremendous saltiness to the sammich – but it also doubled the flavor too.  It really sort of melted all the cheesy-meaty-bready flavors into one nice crescendo of …uh..meaty goodness?  Having been let down the last couple of visits I can see me ordering this again if I was monster-hungry.  Otherwise it’s a little overwhelming.  Try sharing one with some of their awesome curly fries and some shakes.

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