21 Jan

Baker's RibsIt’s hard for any group of people to agree on ‘cue.  Some folks are firmly in the Dickey’s camp while others are all about the Spring Creek.

Me?  I don’t care for either.  I am super-critical of ‘cue joints because:

A:  it’s not that hard to make some pretty decent BBQ at home so you gotta bring-it if you want me to fall in love with you.


B:  Several BBQ joints are pretty plain and boring.  They talk-up their ‘cue but actually it’s not that good.

So I enter Baker’s Ribs with some serious reservation.   I was overwhelmed with the smell of good food cookin’ so I was slowly coming around.

We tried a nice chunk of  their menu, chicken sammich, chopped beef, ribs, salad, beans, etc…to get a good feel for the place.

There are several in the DFW area and beyond – as I noticed on my last trip to East Texas.

I think they have some serious ‘cue here.  The ribs (not shown because I ate them before any of us remembered that we were there to take pictures and review the food) were thick and tender.   No struggle to tear that meat off the bone.  Nice.

The chicken sammich was very good too.  Big portion size and the meat was very tender.  The sides weren’t the star of the show here – but they aren’t supposed to be.   The side salad was very fresh and made-to-order; which we liked.

The only two minor issues we had (1) we didn’t see or get any rolls or cornbread with our order.  I am not sure how we forgot to ask- or even if we did – but some great yeast rolls or some fresh cornbread would have added to our enjoyment here.

This is most likely our fault because we had sammiches and they probably don’t come with bread since the sammich has bread already – but I always love to try the rolls or cornbread in a place.  Sometimes that is the deciding factor if I like a place or not.  

(2) This doesn’t just apply here, but to most BBQ joints.  Sometimes places pre-cook the meat and then it is stored in heating trays or under heating lamps to keep it warm.   More often than not it keeps the food warm but just barely.   By the time you get out of line, get your drink and utensils and find a place to sit …the food is already slightly cold.   Nothin’ worse than cold ‘cue.   I felt sort of rushed to eat because I could tell it was already getting colder with each bite.

Despite that last paragraph, Baker’s Ribs has become my current favorite place to get ‘cue these days.



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