5 Jan

UntitledI honestly don’t know what to call these.   I mean a “Jolly rancher” is typically the individually wrapped tube-shaped hard candy.

These are just like that – but are square – more of a classic “mint” type shape.   I find these more manageable and they don’t stick to your teeth like the traditional ones do.

I also adore the flavor selection here.  In a pack of maybe twelve, there is a random split of Green Apple and Strawberry.    The Green Apple is the classic and often loved flavor we all know – but I had never had a basic “strawberry” JR before.  Excellent balance of flavors two if you pop them in together.    I suppose the goal here is to try and go after the Lifesavers market?

Regardless, these “squares” as I call them are quite good and a welcome addiction.

One Response to “JOLLY RANCHER Squares”

  1. brattykitten January 10, 2015 at 5:20 pm #

    As far as fruit flavored hard candy (which I love!) goes, I’ve never been much of a fan of Jolly Ranchers. Maybe it’s because I almost always give in to that urge to chew hard candies instead of just sucking on them until they’re gone, and Jolly Ranchers are super hard. Or maybe it’s because I find the flavor too tart? I don’t know.

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