Eno’s Pizza Tavern

31 Dec

Eno's Pizza TavernSo I am in “The Bish” (The Bishop Arts District) and I am waiting on friends to arrive so we can have some drinks and dinner.    I haven’t been in The Bish (proper) in over a year.   I have this love-hate relationship with the area.    It’s eclectic and fun and sexy and off-beat…..but some of it is also so-very trendy and over-priced-and-hyped…for the last couple of years.

Regardless, when I am there I always enjoy myself and actually love it– despite the hipsters and other drama I have to deal with.

Okay— so… I am in The Bish…and walking around I decide I am across the street from Eno’s Pizza Tavern – so that should be our place to meet and eat.   I had been there before and enjoyed it quite a bit then.

I pop-in and am immediately greeted by a guy that tells me that their menu is limited because their pizza oven is broken.

Okay that sucks.    I walk to the bar and sit down.  Order a drink.   Friends are popping in, one-by-one and all have drinks as we decide if we are staying for the paired-down menu or going somewhere else.

We are all but decided to stay, when the bartender walks over and asks how things are.

“Oh, I think we are cool for right now.”   (all parties are still looking at the menu for available items)

“Oh…okay…great”  He responds.

He then promptly walks away and returns a couple of minutes later with our tab in this little red booklet.

As you can see from the picture – I am half-way through my beer and that cute little red booklet is staring me in the face.  There are six of us now and you tab us out????  Without us asking for it????

In absolutely NO mood for drama, I promptly paid for the six drinks and considered the math:

six drinks…(38ish) …..VS…. six people having several drinks (maybe closer to 114ish) ….along with six dinners (another 60)….and maybe a dessert or two (another 12 maybe…so …maybe a tab close to or over $200 before tax and tip….???) = a loss for Eno’s in both money and interest in returning at a later date by any of the people in this group.

We don’t even bother correcting the bartender.   If you are so eager to just turn and burn tabs…then we will just politely tab-out and seek our food and beverages elsewhere.






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