30 Dec

Black Eyed Pea RollOkay, it just has to be said– the economy is obviously not recovering fast enough because look at that roll.   It’s annoyingly smaller than the rolls they used to make.

Cornbread is smaller too.    What.  The.  Hell?  With entrees now at an average of 9-12 bucks at most restaurants…I STILL gotta get shafted on the rolls?

Corporate thinking at work here obviously.

“They are smaller sir…but you can still have all you it all works out”

NO.  Part of the whole experience at The Pea was their “homecookin'” concept.   So getting those big rolls that weren’t perfectly-round and rubber-stamped-out was the point!!!!!    These don’t look homemade anymore.  They look like defrosted corporate-approved-after-much-debate-and-email-chains- rolls.


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