Pizza HUH??

8 Dec

I seriously do NOT understand the point Pizza Hut is trying to make.  About a month ago I stopped by a Pizza Hut for the first time in years.

I was feeling nostalgic for the Pizza Hut of old.   The place my friends and I loved and couldn’t wait to go to before football games on Friday nights.  The pizza rocked.  We always had a great time.  But since those years I noticed a slow decline of flavor….changes to the meats they used….crust and cheese tasting different…so Pizza Hut just sort of faded out of favor…and was replaced with mom and pop shops usually.   They made a pizza that just tasted better.   I was all anti-corporate pizza.  And years later I would perfect my own at-home pizza that I felt rivaled any pizzeria in town.  So I was self-sufficient.

Well, upon my visit, I was SHOCKED to find that I enjoyed it.   It didn’t seem greasy or dried-out liked I remembered when I went anti-corporate-pizza….it was pretty solid.   I was encouraged.  So the next couple of weeks I made regular visits to the same location…thinking it must just be that location that makes it so good.

And then I see all over the news that Pizza Hut is REVAMPING their menu.     Great.  Just when I return…you guys up and change it.

So I …being the JFC….went back to that Pizza Hut after the revamp and asked how the new pies were going.   The girl at the counter said she had no idea…because after two days…nobody had ordered a single one…or any of the new crusts…. oh boy…..

I can’t say I am surprised because most of the new menu items….are sucky.   They aren’t pizza.  They are specialty tricks you can do to a pizza.

Instead of tricks I would have loved if Pizza Hut said…we are going back to the original formula for sauces…cheese…crust…because several of these corporate pizza places started out with simple recipes…that later turned into a complex mix of pre-made powder mixes and sub-contracted-pre-made-sauces …’s just not the same.

And now Pizza Hut rolls out this commercial.

I think they are trying to be funny…but it just falls flat.  Everyone in this video pretty much HATES the new Pizza Hut items…and they are kinda poking fun at that and having a laugh.

And I don’t get it.   Why would you have an ad running that tells everyone your new pizzas SUCK before anyone has even had them yet?


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