A & W Restaurant

24 Nov

UntitledBack in the day, when I lived in the upper mid-west there was a battle between drive-ins.    Sonic vs. A&W.    I loved both but A&W always edged out sonic because they served their root beer in frosted glass mugs.   That root beer was so ice-cold and fantastic.    Burgers and onion rings were seriously good too.

Well something obviously happened over the years because Sonic is still going strong as a drive-in.   A&W has partnered with Long John Silvers and now they are a two-in-one restaurant.

There are a few A&W’s left that are still actual drive-ins….but nowhere near me.   I drive by the LJS/A&W locations all the time but never stop.    Most locations were simple LJS and they added the burger joint – so in my opinion – they aren’t equipped to make great burgers because they are mainly a fish-fry-place.

But as I drove by one today, I decided to stop.   See if the quality had changed.   Okay..get hushpuppies and a root beer float also.

The hushpuppies were standard LJS and are just as I remembered them.   The root beer float was awesome.  The fries were actually better than I remember.   Sort of like smaller “steak fries” type.

The burger was meh.   No other way to put it.  It has been years since I been to LJS/A&W and after today that clock resets.  It will most likely be quite awhile before I return again.

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