Chips and Salsa

13 Nov

Here is a fun travel trip for you.

Go to any tex-mex restaurant in the DFW area and just order a soda.   Sit there and munch on a couple of baskets of chips and salsa for half an hour and ask for your check.     TOTAL?  Two bucks or so.   The price of the soda.

Do that same thing in New York?  TOTAL is twenty-five bucks or so— that being the cost of  two sodas and two baskets of chips and salsa.

They do not have “complimentary” chips and salsa in other cities like we do here.   We are sorta spoiled in that regard.

So when I passed an On The Border the other day and saw this silly sign that read “Endless chips and salsa FREE with every meal” …I was like…uh…yeah!!!!  DUH!!!

But it also made me wonder what if I am having drinks with some friends and not dinner?  Do I NOT get the chips and salsa like I have in the past?

Are time so hard that OTB can’t afford to give away chips and salsa?      Or is this some dumb corporate move to save 9 cents a year….and secure his yearly bonus?



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