DINO’s SUBS: Meatball Sandwich

28 Oct

I know this family that lives in Arlington and they absolutely LOVE their weekly visit to Dino’s Subs.   They rave about how great the food is and how I am missing out.

So I finally get around to trying their meatball (my first taste-test of any good sammich shop) and I am less than impressed.  Not just with the sammich…but the place in general.

I am there during lunch hours and it’s already pretty busy.  I have plenty of time to read the menu but it doesn’t tell me sizes of these sammiches.   Are they six inch?  Foot longs?  What are my bread choices?   I tell the first assembly person (the meat cutter) it’s my first time and he sort of shrugs and asks what number I want to order.   Each item is assigned a number.   Meatball is a #20.  He asks if I want cheese and what kind of bread.   I ask what kind do they have and he looks back at me like I am stupid.   “White,I guess”.    He nods and then disregards me.

The line slides down and so do I.  I meet two friendly girls that are “in the weeds” making these piled-high cold-cut sammiches.  Those monsters look real good.

Damn.   “Here I go ordering the wrong thing again”…..I am thinking.    But while I was waiting in line I noticed they offered pasta dishes and chicken parm…so the meatballs gotta be pretty good right?     Why am I the only one in line ordering a meatball sammich?   Oh boy….

I am looking at chip selection and asked if I want anything else on my sammich.   Up ahead I see another lady in glasses and wrist-guards that seems to be slowing this train down.    She is talking to each customer and trying to be friendly, but she is also complaining about having to “find this” or “make that because it slows me down!”  Maybe it’s the pressure of having now almost a dozen people in line.  She is trying to do too much.   The girls and meat-cutter guy should be handling most of the heavy lifting I should think.

I order it to go but then decide to stay and eat.   What you see is what I got.   By the time I sat down, the bread was mushy and soggy from the sauce.   Luckily they gave me a knife and fork.   I am tasting some good provolone on this boy but not much else stands out.   The meatballs are swallowed up in this loaf of bread I got.   The meatballs are also very tender yet flavorless.   No seasoning whatsoever.

I can’t even finish it.   I fully plan on asking for my money back but the line is still long and the guy in the suit has been standing there looking for someone to refill his tea…as long as I have been eating– so let’s just call this ballgame and go home.

I look around and everyone else is chowing-down on their cold-cut sammich and having a good time.   I guess I should have brought the “Dino’s Specialist” I know and have him teach me the ropes and order for me.

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