DORITOS JACKED: Spicy Street Taco

22 Oct

Doritos has finally revealed one of the “mystery flavors” to be these SPICY STREET TACO flavored chips.

When I saw this, I was ecstatic.   TACO DORITOS are my all-time favorite Doritos chip.   And for some reason they bring them back…then they drop them for a few years…then bring them back and try to call them something else.

So I was hoping these “jacked” version would be the regular (see pic at right for the original) TACO chips….just on steroids…..

And they are…..sorta.  The “jacked” version are bigger and thicker cut.   But they also have three basic flavor profiles going on:   Sriracha, Sour Cream, and then Taco (dead last).

That just sucks.    Don’t get me wrong…these have alot of flavor to them…..but here is the point….the TACO seasoning was enough!!!!!   If you have ever had the original Taco, you would know they are ROBUST and overflowing with attitude and flavor already.

You keep coming back to this flavor profile again and again….so obviously it has it’s fanbase…so why not cater to them and advertise the original flavor more?  Then you wouldn’t have to come up with all these kooky campaigns to sell products.

I mean seriously, how often do you see a Nacho Cheese Doritos commercial?….besides the Super Bowl…nada…the things sell themselves.  Everyone knows they are awesome.

Frito Lay is the only one that doesn’t know how awesome their original Taco chips are…..stop messing with perfection!!!


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