2 Oct

This is a damn good burger.  Forgive me if this review has taken awhile – I have been trapped under the mountain of fries that I got with my order.

Five Guys is all over the place and I can’t imagine you haven’t tried them by now.  They make everything super-fresh and a simple burger can turn into skyscraper once you are done customizing.

And let’s not forget those fries.    There are loads of them.  Even if you are getting the smallest size.    They are cut-fresh potatoes, so you have bits of skin and these taste like potatoes…not some frozen ore-idas here baby.

I had the “little” cheeseburger and had to be carried out the joint…I was so full after.

With burger joints like this around … it’s not hard to see why everyone from Mickey D’s to Chili’s are having a drop in sales.    These burgers “out-burger” those other burgers 10-to-1.

oh…what… hear that? ….. I feel a burger war coming on….


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