WARNING SALSA – Fire Roasted

1 Oct

This.  is. a. big. deal.

You know I love all things salsa.   It’s quite unfair but honestly I don’t have one single favorite.    I am a moody cuss and I get on these jaunts where I crave a certain sauce then move to the next one and then circle back.   I usually have four different salsas in my fridge at all times.

That being said – one of my absolute favorites is this “Fire Roasted Salsa” from WARNING! Salsa.    The title is absolutely NO JOKE.   This is one of the best…and most flavorful salsas I have ever had.

I have met the owner at a couple of salsa/hot sauce festivals and he is a SUPER NICE guy and has truly captured lightning in a bottle.   Actually more like crack…because I will blaze through a jar in a couple of days when I get my hands on it.

He has three flavors – all good…but this “fire roasted” one takes the cake.   It’s almost UNREAL how great it tastes.

At the festivals, he served up WARM samples of his product…and let me tell you that makes a fantastic amount of difference.    Don’t get me wrong…you can eat that salsa straight out of the jar and be amazed…but tasting it warm???   Fuggheddaboutit.

I have no idea what sort of sorcery this man had to master to create this…but mankind is better for it.

You can get it online at http://www.warningsalsa.com or if you are in the Grapevine area, Tommy Tamale (another place I love) usually has a couple of jars stocked if you don’t want to mess with online ordering.


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