Olivella’s Pizza – Dallas

30 Sep

I continue making the rounds of all things Neapolitan-style pizza with Olivella’s.

Look at that pie.  Yum.  Olivella’s was voted best pizza in Texas by USA Today, so it’s gotta be kinda good, right?

And it is.   A super-thin crust that is both tender and chewy and somehow manages to stay sturdy enough to hold those toppings.    Sauce and cheese have a nice balance and there is little-to-no grease dripping everywhere – even with all that pepperoni.

This is another “20 dollar pie joint” that I figured would be overpriced and super-bland.  I am happy that wasn’t the case.    The atmosphere of this location was warm and tables were full of people sharing wine and ‘za…and just enjoying the evening.   Nice place.  Would bring a group with me next time and eat in-house for certain.  Very casual and laid back.  Liking that.

They also do so much more than just pizza and some of the dishes are already on my “next-time” list.  Dallas has no shortage of fantastic pizza but it’s so good at Olivella’s you need to make a point of checking it out soon!


6465 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 525
(NE Corner Of Mockingbird & Abrams)
Dallas, TX 75214




One Response to “Olivella’s Pizza – Dallas”

  1. David Esq. September 30, 2014 at 1:37 pm #

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