22 Sep

Love Hubba Bubba soda pop themed gum(s).

Dr. Pepper

Orange Crush

Hawaiian Punch (not a soda..I know…but you get it)

and now A&W Root Beer.  It’s got the soft-and-easy-to-chew-and-blow-bubbles-texture that you are used to.

Straight away the root beer flavor kicks in but it didn’t seem to last as long as the flavoring did in the other packs.  Maybe it’s just me.

Good gum though.  Hard to find.   I see this one only at Five Below lately.   Worth the buck or whatever you pay for it if you love root beer stuff.    I wish it packed the punch that those barrel-shaped root beer hard-candy treats from brachs does.

Oh great.  now I gotta find those.  I am getting a sweet tooF (yeah I said TOOF…on purpose) over here.

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