10 Sep

I have never been a fan of “knock-off” brand stuff.  I think that is because my friend’s mom would always buy the knock-offs for him growing up and when he shared them – the almost always sucked.

Fruit Loops?  Nope.  He got “Fruit O’s” or something.   They looked the same but the taste wasn’t even close.    Doritos?  Nope.  He had “Theodore’s Nacho Rounds”.  Sucked.

So when I got a hot-dog from the SEV the other day, the super-nice lady working told me I got a free bag of chips- some promotional thing.   Okay…I start looking for Funyuns and she tells me it’s the 7-Select brand that is the freebie.


Turns out the Sev has been slowing incorporating more of their own private label products into the store.   Not sure I like this because it cuts down on the variety that I love from that place.

These BBQ Kettle chips were actually pretty damn good!   Better than the Lay’s brand for certain.  Nice-hard-crunch and some ample ‘cue flavoring.   I am liking these!

Add to this – my recent revelation about Aldi/Trader Joe’s and I am giving private label products or “knock offs” another look because some of the products they are cranking out today are equal to….if not better than the name brand stuff you grew up on.



2 Responses to “7-Select BBQ KETTLE CHIPS”

  1. Abby September 11, 2014 at 11:36 am #

    Many private label products are manufactured by the name brand companies.

    • junkfoodcritic September 14, 2014 at 11:33 pm #

      yes, you are right, Abby. I, however, being slow on the upswing, just recently started connecting the dots and it’s very interesting. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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