3 Sep

BECKS PRIME has one of the best hamburgers I have ever had.


I have passed by it a million times when I am in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas and never thought to try it.   If it hadn’t been for a reader’s suggestion – I would have continued to ignore it.    Why?

Well I think the place is slightly confusing to the average joe.

BECKS PRIME?  wassthat?  Sounds like a prime-rib joint.   Or some high-dollar steakhouse?  Maybe some BBQ joint?   In Dallas we have all sorts of  thing with names that don’t tell you what it is…so sometimes we don’t take that as a “hmmm…let’s check it out…” we take it as …meh…too much trouble….roll on to Whataburger.

So I was reluctant to try it because  everyone tells me their favorite burger joint- and I don’t like most of them.   Beck’s is almost like an upscale steakhouse disguised as a burger joint.    Their food is very fresh and you can tell these things are “prepared” not slapped together in an assembly line.

The food here is a little on the pricey side for a burger (around 7-8 bucks for a burger/cheeseburger…add 3 for fries) but let me tell you they do NOT skimp on toppings or the bun….or the meat.   It’s a mesquite-grilled mountain of a burger that will leave you STUFFED.   The sweet potato fries were hot and tender.   I don’t consider it expensive – I consider it money well spent.

I got it to go and literally did not leave the parking lot.  I was knocked out by this burger.   I have been there several times since and the quality and freshness have been consistent.

I’m telling you I eat alot of burgers and this one is up there in the top five best I have had in Dallas.

Becks Prime – 4002 Oak Lawn Ave – Dallas, TX 75219






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