Little Caesar’s Pretzel Cheesy Pizza

1 Sep

So I am at the local Little Caesar’s – getting a deep-dish special (my favorite crust from there) and I get into a conversation about the new Pretzel-cheesy-pizza coming out September 1st.  Today…so go get one and try it!

( ….today as you read this post but Thursday of last week when I am writing this…for the future …and sending into the past.  Yeah I have a time-machine…moving on..)

And I am telling  the friendly and fine staff there at the LC that I think the new pizza sounds interesting…but kinda gross.

A pizza with nacho cheese sauce instead of a red-tomato-based sauce?   INSANE.

Fugghedabout the fact it has a pretzel crust.   I can’t get past NO RED SAUCE.

Had this been just a simple crust-swap, I would have probably loved the idea.

“Hold on – we got one coming out now-  let’s get you a sample.  You are gonna like it.  I promise”  says the nice lady and she disappears.

“No red sauce”.   I keep saying it over and over in my head.   Look folks, I like CRAZY in three  things.   My women, my bread, and my sauce (the last  two are only available at Little Caesar’s).    Now Caesar wants to take one of those off the table.    He’s gone mad.

And then I taste it.   It’s ….different.   It’s like more of an extreme “italian-cheese-crazy-bread-with-pizza-toppings-on top” than a pizza …in my mind.  It’s not bad actually.   But it’s just not pizza to me without the tomato sauce.   I am not that into cheese that I would get this often but I know people who love anything extra-cheesy – so this would work for them.

The pretzel crust isn’t that noticeable until the very end.   It’s a nice quirky finish to an unusual pie.   If I was having a game-watching party or something I would order one of these extra just to give everyone yet another thing to talk/complain about.  It’s certainly a conversation starter and your curiosity will probably overpower your wallet and you will fork over the six bucks for one.

Again – pretty good actually – and a fun and off-beat snack that cheese-heads will surely love.


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