27 Aug

I was seriously expecting to hate this place.    It’s one of those places that gets nominated for  “Best Pizza ” in our local mags and sometimes that is more politics than pizza it seems.  So I am super-skeptical.

Weak pies and a room full of thirty-thousand-dollar-millionaires- (that Dallas is now SO famous for) ….. is what I was expecting.

But the joint has just a clubhouse-filled-with-friends vibe…and the pizza is actually SO damn good that I had to drop those expectations at the door.

This is seriously a great place.   It’s got two great and distinctive vibes going on too.  Inside it’s kinda small and intimate and the bar is right on top of the kitchen so there is the constant buzz of that to entertain you.   The seating around is also very close and intimate.   Going here with a group of friends would be very fun just because of all the ambiance.

Outside they have a killer patio with plenty of room if you wanna spread out.  On hot days I can’t see me doing this, but in early fall that patio probably gets overloaded with people loving the night air and some killer food.

The pizza was your basic pepperoni and it came on a very light crust that was tender at the center and got more crispy as you approached the outer crust.  LOVED the crust.   Sauce, cheese, everything about this was stand-out good.

I can now see why they are nominated for awards.  It truly is one of the best pies in Dallas.

My only complaint…okay two….  FIRST-  they do not offer “hot” soppressata as a topping (which is basically a SUPER-pepperoni….and is growing in popularity)…and SECOND…the menu sort of suggests that all pizzas are to be ordered as specified on the menu.   No listing of available toppings or option to “create your own”.    I am sure they can and will…but not having that listed on the menu seems limiting.

Despite those two tiny things – FIRESIDE absolutely rocks.


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