NICE! Corn Nuggets

12 Aug

I was walking thru Walgreens (love me some Walgreens) and I noticed they have this little section that is either new or I didn’t see before.  It’s on the snack-asile.   It’s a cluster of snacks that are all about a buck and are the NICE ! Brand of different things.   Today I got the Corn-Nut-like snacks called NICE! Corn Nuggets.    They were a buck and are pretty tasty.

Make NO mistake – they do NOT crunch-hard like Corn Nuts…which…isn’t all that much of a bad thing.  These are a touch lighter…so not as hard on your teeth.

They also don’t have that “oil” taste/texture to them that I find in regular Corn-Nuts.

They are SO worth trying if you love this type of snack.     You get a pretty nice sized portion for 99 cents too.


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