Collin Street Bakery

11 Aug

On the road and I am near something called the Collin Street Bakery.  It’s known for its fruit cake.

I don’t think I have ever had a fruit cake.

I walk in with about 40 minutes left before they close.  The cases are almost all but empty.  They have had a good day.  Lots of customers and I suppose tons of sweets sold.

The nice lady behind the counter gave me a free cookie to chow down on while I looked around…..and again there isn’t much to look at.

Free cookie…so I am totally feeling obligated now to buy SOMEthing…..but I don’t see anything that strikes me.

I finally get to their famous fruit cake section.   They are in all shapes and sizes and come in these gift tins.   They look great so I pick a small one since I have never had one before…and the sticker shock …. something like 18 bucks…for the smallest one….. slighty bigger than my hand……I was like…uh….okaaaayyy…

I will just have to get over the guilt of the free sample cookie because I left empty-handed.


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