7 Aug

The other day I bought these.   They crunched hard.   They had some nice garlic-parmesan flavor to them.

Diggin’ em.

A day or two later, I am running low on these bad boys and I can’t quite remember where I got them…but  they are for sure on my list.

Another day or two passes and I get to the store.

I am not finding them anywhere so I figured I picked the wrong place….

And then I saw them….whew……

Had me nervous for a few seconds…I mean I couldn’t remember the name of them….I just

knew that they came in a green bag…….

was some kind of pretzel thing……were flavored garlic and parmesan……and…


So I get home and see I bought the wrong damn bag.  But it’s hardly my fault.  I mean..damn…they look sorta similar.  Sorta.

Truth is….The pretzel crips are the better one…the Rold Gold DO have a bit more seasoning on them…which I liked….but they are softer…and don’t crunch like those other ones do….so …sorry Rold Gold…….now it am hip to the game.    We won’t get fooled again.



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