Gambino’s Pizza – Burleson

6 Aug

Ah….Gambino’s.  How I want to love you.    At first buffet…you struck me as a cross between my beloved Mazzio’s and Godfather’s….and that was amazing.   But the service, staff, and facilities just continue to overshadow the potential of this place.

My first  trip was for a buffet, and standing at the buffet table…all I could hear is complaints that the pizzas were old…new pizzas taking too long…and a loud woman at the counter screaming about how she has waited almost 45 mins for her to-go order.

I picked up a few slices and hit the drink machine….no Dr. Pepper….or Coke…or much of anything.   It did take almost 25 mins for a new pizza to hit the buffet line after I sat down.     This is not looking good.   But despite this…and the not-quite-fresh-probably-been-there-awhile-slices I had were great…even lukewarm.   That’s saying something.   So I am thinking this is just a fluke.

I return a few weeks later and the place is warm…like the A/C is out.   the salad bar is pushed over to the side.   I am told  they no longer do buffet or salad bar.   I pay 15 bucks for a large pizza to go that takes well over 30 mins to get.

“Sorry but it’s gonna be awhile since I am the only one here.” I am told.    The other customers are complaining they have no ice for their drinks.

I finally get my pizza and eat it on the road.  It’s very good….but there shouldn’t be this much drama getting it.    I hope the smooth out the kinks soon because I can see this place easily being the best pie in Burleson…but they gotta earn it.


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