TGIFriday’s $10 Endless Appetizers

4 Aug

The plan was simple.   Me and a few friends were going to…




When I first saw the ad for $10 endless appetizers I was like “oh yeah….you just made the baaaaaaad move, buddy.”

Most of the offerings I could totally care less about (endless fried green-beans?….uh no…plate after plate of mozz sticks….boring)

but endless…boneless…buffalo wings?

So I enlisted a couple of friends and we walked in determined to bankrupt the company…or at least empty the inventory so fast that they ask us to leave.  With extreme prejudice.

One person ordered potato skins…another ordered wings…and I had the wings as well.  I ordered the “SCORCHIN'” sauce because..hey….it’s me….that’s how I do.

My server was super friendly and slightly honest when I heard them say “I can’t wait for this promotion to be over!”  They were joking…sorta…but the quick stories that followed were all about tables and tables of people pounding down plates of appetizers like packs of starving wild dogs.

“Well…we are here to do that as well!!!!”   I wanted to make it clear we were just like the other sheep.    CHEAP EATS!!! CHEAP EATS!!!!

The plate of  ten arrive and they are remarkably hotter  than anything I remember Friday’s offering. has been awhile since I went there…but these were kinda hot…. even for me.

And… by the end of ten I was actually kinda full.  The boneless wings all varied in size but I did manage to get a few that were pretty large.

Had my stomach shrunk?   Was I gonna go out like a punk?   NO WAY I was leaving after one plate.

I downshift to the less hot version…thinking that was my mistake.   Too extreme too much too fast.

My second plate arrives and they are WIMPY compared to the first batch.   I can’t taste any heat…just butter in the sauce.    I am thinking I should go back to the SCORCHIN’….when I noticed everyone else at the table have pushed their plates to the side.

“wow…I am full……”  from the boneless winger sitting across from me….all ready to punk out.

“these ‘tater skins taste kinda…weird…”    says potato-skin-girl…..who swore she was gonna do some serious damage…but after inspection I did notice that Friday’s has changed their potato skins….they now have some sort of breading…like onion ring breading…covering the inside of the it’s battered on one side…fried …and then the cheese and bacon are added…it seems.    Looked kinda gross.  She ate four and was done.

Both were now sitting there waiting on the idiot that was me… forcing these down….just to make it to twenty.

I curse my big breakfast…or at least try to blame it on something…..I was so sure I was up for this.

Gotta regroup and try to climb that mountain before the promo ends…..I have been known to knock-out about 40 wings when I really get going…so this was just an utter car-crash of disappointment.

sure was fun trying though.   Food was hot and fresh and tasted better than I remember Friday’s…so maybe they got a hook in me to return sometime soon.




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