BOSTON MARKET – Chicken and Ribs

24 Jul

You completely had me with those two magical words side-by-side –  Chicken & Ribs.    Good Lord I did not expect a plate of food this good from Boston Market.

They are known for some good chicken and pot pies – but ribs?

“Kentucky Bourbon BBQ” is a …sigh…. “LIMITED TIME OFFER”…man do I hate hearing those words…..

This is clearly the best dish Boston has come up with in a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time.     The potatoes and beans were good but that Chicken & Ribs were very good.    Just enough of both to get you nice-n-full.    I did not expect to like this as much as I did.

If Boston Market was smart, they would keep this around past summer.   Or at the very least, pull a “McRib” and celebrate it’s return every summer.

Oh…hate to end on a bad note…but this almost perfect meal…..wasn’t perfect because of the cornbread.  Granted it tasted great…but it was stone-cold.    And that sucked…..otherwise I loved this trip to Boston Market.


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