Keepin’ It REAL!

21 Jul

If you have never been to Dallas, here is a nice slice of reality for ya.   For all the glitz and “Hollywood” attitude that Dallas has….just blocks away are places like this– that remind you it’s not all gold-plated-dreams.

Truth be told, I didn’t actually stop because I was riding with someone who was “afraid” to stop (what the hell for??).

However I have several readers that have told me how awesome this place is and love it.   They tell me I would love and I am sure I would.   You know me – I love joints like this.   The local mom and pop?  Hell ya I’m there!

I love the name and if I lived in that neighborhood I would brag about shopping there.   I love the upfrontness about  this and love supporting local business.

What the hell does this have to do with JUNKFOOD, dude?   Other than the fact they sell some, nothing.   I just found it funny and wanted to give a shout-out to a business that is on they grind.     Don’t knock the hustle.


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