18 Jul

These take me so far back I think Sherman is messing with the Way-Back Machine.  I didn’t even know these were still around.

Man these things are timeless to me.    Reminds me of hot summer days….out riding bikes all day and getting into some mischief….stopping by the house every few hours to grab some of these for me an my bestest buds….then back off on our bikes to explore new worlds and try and jump everything like we were world class BMX racers or something.

Found these at WalMart for like six or seven bucks….but I actually found these at a WalMart out of town…so I completely freaked and snatched up a couple of boxes.

With characters/flavors like Louie Bloo, Pancho Punch, Strawberry Short kook, Sir Issac Lime, Alexander the Grape, and Little Orphan Orange…….timeless…and with a cool hundred of these in my freezer I am set for the summer.

How in the hell did I live life without Otter Pops these past ten or so years??? Pray I never have to do it again.



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