Steaz Teas

7 Jul

Being the Junk Food Critic, I am always running into people that assume:

A:  I use the word “junk food” in my title…and THEIR food/product is not JUNK…therefore I am a JERK for implying so…and I am bid goodbye.

TRUTH is – I use the words JUNK FOOD instead of say….”Fast Food”… because a doctor once told me that anything other than lean meats and veggies was basically all “junk food”.  I found that funny because it basically meant everything else in the entire food world.

and…. B:  Since I am said JFC…they want to sway me into liking “healthier choices” that are “just as good as”……  I always walk into that with an open mind…but my tastebuds usually shoot the stuff down like skeet.


And now Steaz.   It’s a stevia sweetened green tea..above was citrus and the other here is raspberry.   I was handed these from the chill-section of Whole Foods and told to try them because they were awesome and ZERO CALORIES!!!

If you read this blog at all…you prolly figured out I barely know how to spell….I type phonetically …exactly how I talk in real life…..and that I might not even know what a calorie is…based on my food choices.

What I taste?   Some fruit flavor up front….or fruit flavored water…don’t taste much tea in either….but I get a donkey-punch of synthetic sweet taste on the back-end.   It’s noticeable and not fooling my mouth one bit.

I am all for something like this—-WHEN IT WORKS….but this just tasted pretty watered down….and bland.


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