LIFESAVERS Gummies – Wild Berries

30 Jun

Man…oh man…do I love me some berry-y flavor.   Tart, tangy,and blasting any remaining taste-buds I might have left….bring.  it.  on.

So seeing these at the store I was all excited.    Lifesavers has been kickin’ much bootay in the way of gummies lately so having a bag of full-on berry-yyyy  flavors is right up my alley.

Strawberry.  Red Raspberry.  Blackberry.  Black Raspberry.  White Grape.  Cherry Berry……waitaminute bub—-

Who let the damn grapes in my berry bag?   What the hell is a cherry-berry?  And what is the bloody diff between a Black Raspberry and a Blackberry.

Marketing…that’s what.

These things are good but they are so similar in flavor that I don’t notice much of a difference.    It’s just a mish-mash of berryyyyyyyy…..and I dig them…alot…just wish they packed a tiny bit more flavor….or separation in flavor.


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