25 Jun

Oh…just typing this…and seeing the photos makes me break out in a sweat.

I RARELY, if ever, go to Golden Corral.    It’s not because the food is horrible or it’s too expensive.     I just usually end up eating WAY more than I should, could, or even want to.   To the point where I am not hungry for ….like a day or two afterwards.   I’m ready to hibernate for the winter.

But…driving by one…I noticed a “10.99 sirloin and wings” special.   It usually cost me ten bucks for wings anyway…so unlimited wings and some steak?

Bring it.

Then AFTER I paid…I notice that 10.99 covers the entire menu.   So that “special” is not a special at all.   I can eat the entire building if I want for 10.99.

So I tried.


Fried chicken? delicious.  Wings?  not bad.  Pizza…same…sirloin? worst I have ever had in my life….tacos…nachos…spaghetti….odd….I don’t see much of a line at the salad bar like I do at the pizza counter……

Oh and just about any dessert you could think of ….they got.   Good Lord I was full.   It wasn’t until after my third dessert that I realized that if I compared the 10.99 to a meal at some home cookin’ restaurant…including a drink and dessert…would be 10.99 easy….most likely closer to 15.

So the trick is, DON”T be like me and try to taste everything like the joint is closing forever….. just put together ONE nice plate and you can save yourself some cash.

oh hell with it…. get that other slice of pie while you are at it….


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