FIRECRUST Pizza – Dallas

19 Jun

FIRECRUST is the latest in the Neapolitan style pizzeria to hit the DFW and has that “Chipotle” ordering style.

The deco of the joint is classy, fresh, and very chill.    One wall is dedicated to creating your perfect pie…and twin ovens with flames raging are ready to make that pie a reality.

The staff was super-friendly and had quick and educated answers for all the questions we threw at them.

The pie was extremely excellent.   Cooked well (I could have used just a bit more char but hey…that’s me…I will ask for it next time) and the toppings very-very fresh tasting and abundant.  Now the purists might complain that these standard pies don’t come with “buffalo mutz” but as a casual pizza eater, you will not even notice.  Or care, I bet.

I really think this place has alot going for it.   Some of my readers and I get into conversations about Neapolitan style…since I talk about it alot these days….and some are intimidated or just “don’t see what the fuss is about”.     Spending 14-20 bucks on some “fancy pizza” can be daunting if all you are used to is the 5 dollar buffet-type pizza.  To some, this is taking a chance.   It’s something new….and “burnt…supposed to be burnt like that?”… steps towards the unknown.

I think that is where FIRECRUST has the chance to really shine.  PIE FIVE used to be in that same location a year ago.  They served pretty decent pizza…but at 7 bucks…I thought it a bit pricey.   FIRECRUST is in that same price range…but it doesn’t make me blink….because I can see the quality of ingredients…taste the difference and see it’s truly an artisan putting these together.   It’s not assembly-line-generic-pizza.   It’s your first step into a better class of pizza.

Welcome to Dallas, Firecrust…..I hope you stick around for a long time.

FIRECRUST pizzeria (off 75 and Armstrong – by Potbelly).


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