18 Jun

These are SO clever…and “duh” so simple I can’t believe nobody thought of it yet.  Hell…I can’t believe “I” didn’t come up with it yet.  I am almost mad at myself.

Last night at the SEV (7/11) they had a massive promotion going on from 5p-9p.   They were giving out FREE four packs of DORITOS LOADED.

Now, what this is…is…warm triangle shaped pieces of nacho cheese….breaded with Doritos flavored breadcrumbs.

Think “fried cheesestix” you get at a restaurant ….only full-on…Doritos flavor.



They will be exclusive to 7/11 stores and was test marketed back in Feb.    Not sure why they decided to do a promo …they technically aren’t scheduled for release until July 1st…but who cares.  This location on Maple in Dallas was packed.

They are….indulgent.   The cheese is thick, creamy, and did I mention thick?   These were straight from the oven so they were very hot and a little crispy on the outside.    When they are released you will find them by the Big Bite Hot Dogs and other hot food items in the store.  They come four to a package.

I think your love of these will depend on your love of DORITOS….or big-mouth-bites of nacho cheese.

All my tasters loved’em.   I could see these being SUPER-HUGE at a ballgame or something if they offered them there.

It’s a good time to be a Doritos fan these days.



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