IN-N-OUT Neapolitan Shake

5 Jun

Ok.   I dunno what it is, but In-N-Out has seriously left me hanging lately.  Sloppy burgers.  Fries…that …I just…can not…appreciate…or bother with anymore….but I had a friend in town and they wanted to hit the drive-thru …so we go.

I just get a Neapolitan shake…which is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry all together in one shake…..cuz that is all “crazy-like” and on the “secret menu”.

Now…truth be told…Neapolitan is my favorite ice cream.   I have made milkshakes out of it myself at home and it ends up being an “enhanced chocolate” shake basically.  It’s very good.   At home.

This one – 2 bucks and some change was on the small end – and tasted more like just plain vanilla than anything.  Even though I opened it and could see swirls…it was just kinda bland.

Guess I will just keep making my own at the crib out of Blue bell.   I eat all I can and then I sell the rest….well nothing actually.  I eat it all and then basically throw away the empty carton.


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