3 Jun

Okay so I am a little behind on this – but if you are like me, you can certainly make up for lost time.

RaceTrac has this special – buy the 7.99 cup and get free refills until the end of July.   I believe it started back in May…but I digress.

Point is…. 8 bucks….so the thing pays for itself in ten sodas (current prices are 79 cents for a soda during summertime).    As many RaceTracs as there are in the DFW …and as often as I am on the highways and byways….I can see where 8 bucks will land me ….oh say….a tanker truck of Dr Pepper refills by the end of July.

One of my dear readers told me she drinks FOUR Route 44 Dr Peppers a day.    Wow….now with this offer…maybe she and I can bankrupt a gas station before the end of summer.




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