TANDOOR Indian Restaurant

27 May

UntitledArlington TX –  just a few miles down from the Rangers and the Cowboys home turfs…is a superb Indian restaurant called TANDOOR.

Their buffet is unbelievable.    It’s affordable and you will walk out of this joint with a GUT on you.   Believe it.   Their food is soooo good.

Unfortunately…two things….ONE…I accidently erased the other pic that showed a better variety of items they offer.  What you see is my SIDE plate…piled high with some delicious and fresh Naan…and some seriously good Tandoori chicken.   TWO…..I am so ignorant about this type of food…and seriously deficient when it comes to remembering names…that I walk in and literally have to look at the food to remember what I like.    And I like pretty much everything.   Lamb, beef, chicken..veggie…you name it and they have expertly designed dishes that you are gonna love.  I..however just can never remember their names…..I digress..

The ambiance and service in this place is also a step above.  The servers are so friendly and accommodating.   The volume of this place is very relaxed and low.  It’s very relaxing and almost quiet.   It makes eating there feel like an “experience”.   It’s just so chill.

You gotta go try it if you are into Indian food…even if you aren’t…I bet you will be converted.   Another place cool and unique in aggtown?  who knew!?!

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