23 May

Grand Prairie has no shortage of places to get a pizza.   What they do not have is many sit-down places to enjoy some pizza-pie.

PIZZA LOCO solves that problem.  It’s local, clean, and has some friendly and speedy service.

I know GP has some CiCi’s Pizza, so I consider this a direct competitor.   I can’t remember the last time I went to a CiCi’s and was pleased with the experience.  The restaurants are usually crowded….floors and tables are sticky and dirty…no games work… so I all but abandoned CiCi’s as a go-to move quite awhile ago.

 Pizza Loco is modest, has some games, plenty of room, and a large buffet.    I think they can seriously give CiCi’s (and other GP pizza) a run for their money.

On my visit, the place has half-full and mostly all families enjoying themselves.  Staff was friendly and offered to create any pizza I wanted if I wasn’t happy with the buffet selection.

With pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert you will leave full.    Great to see local business that can create something as good or better than the corporate types.

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