One Pizza, and Hold the Corny, please

12 May

I think it’s rather obvious at this point that PIZZA is just about the best food…like …ever.

Every school function sucked…until the pizza arrived.

Every job I worked at went from zero to hero when the pizza dude showed up.

It’s really not that crazy when you consider the word PARTY and the word PIZZA both have the same amount of letters.  Hell, they are practically twin-fun words in the English language.  Together they kick all ass known to man.     It’s just that simple.

The entire planet is mad about pizza.  It’s the ultimate DIY food project.     It’s just the essence of cool.

The OPPOSITE of cool is when these corporate-pie-makers try and wax sarcastic/poetic/funny/friendly/whatever on the real estate that is their pizza boxes.

“Hold on to my taste buds”??  Yeah… how about “Remind them how awesome this place USED to be.

“Open box before eating pizza”   Seriously?   Is that why it tasted all cardboard-y?  I was eating the box????

(slaps self on the forehead)

How about focusing on keeping your pizza consistent?  How about spending more time improving your signature product instead of cramming adverts of your new “Chicken Doo-Dahs”…..aren’t you a pizza place???

OR….OR…. you just keep cranking out the lame thing over and over and hope that quirky boxes will keep the customers happy.



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