2 May

Driving home, sometimes it’s a huge argument with myself on what I am having for dinner.   Certain times I would love to get a pizza but I don’t like waiting on delivery people – and stopping for carry-out means I gotta wait for almost 20 mins if I don’t call ahead.

I don’t keep local restaurants numbers in my phone (I should) so being Johnny-come-lately I decided to try out these food APPS.

Papa John’s has an app that let me create a pizza, order sides, drinks, set it all up for carryout.  It would totally be ready by the time I got there.  Time saver!!!

So I place the order and then I am hit with the “create account” thing.   I go through the first screen….CRASH.    Re-open app.   CRASH.   Re-open App— pick create account – enter my info and email address — CRASH.

Reboot my phone and reopen app.   Create account.   Enter info.   CRASH.

By this time, I have not only passed my Papa John’s, but I have sat in another drive-thru….paid for my food and am sitting in the parking lot eating and deleting this app.


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