1 May

Riding around with some friends looking for dinner.  We pass by BURGER BOX and two of us go “hey…we haven’t been to Burger Box in awhile!!”   It was an omen.   We must then stop.

It has been maybe ten years since I have had anything from Burger Box.   The thought of rediscovering a great burger had me all excited.   I am kinda burnt out on the trendy “Truffle-oil-lamb-and-bison-bacon-cheddar-anchovy-lime-feta cheese” burgers people are trying to push these days.

Can I just get a kick-ass cheeseburger?  You know…beef and some American cheese?    Nothing fancy.  just a great burger.

Looking at the menu I notice that they have upped their ice-cream game since I was there last.  Or I don’t remember it at least.

I order your basic cheeseburger and fries and I get what you see on the left.   The krinkle-cut fries were thick and cooked perfect.   Nice and salty.   The burger was good but familiar.   I am about halfway through it and it dawns on me that the taste of their burgers seem very close to those of Dairy Queen.   Having just been there – it was fresh on my mind.   That same good but slightly generic thing happening here as well.     My fellow diners raved about their shakes but I chose soda.  Once again I always choose the wrong thing.

So good but not a great meal- and at over 7 bucks it really had me thinking.  For maybe a buck or two more I could’ve had Five Guys or even Whataburger for the same price – and a both are better burgers.     So it might be another few years before I hit up the “box” again.


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