30 Apr

This is my new favorite gum.  This week at least.   I find it only at WalMart and its Cool Lemon” flavor sorta tastes like a very light and mild lemonade while I am chewing it.

If I wanna double up on the flavor, I pop-in two cubes.    I do find the flavor lasts for a while that way as well.

You know how much I loves me some lemonade, so to have it in a gum is a fun treat.   Another cool thing is that it comes in this “cup” rather than a few pieces in a pack.   I dig that because it lasts longer, but it also means people expect me to share when they see me pull it out of my bag.

I give them one (because I am friendly and giving) and then they see me pop TWO.

“Hey…why do I only get one and you took two??!!?!!!”

“Cuz it’s mine and you suck”.    (obviously not THAT friendly and giving)


So if you love things lemon-y – look for these.   And keep them to yourself.


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