DQ in GP opens

29 Apr

Ah….Dairy Queen.  The “DQ”.   Classics like “Hungerbuster”  “Blizzard” and the ever-lovin’ “Country Baskets” are now available in Grand Prairie.

FOR DAYS there has been at least 12 cars in the line every time I pass…but today I got lucky and only a few people were in the drive-thru so I hopped on-board to give the place a spin.

As a place for sweet treats go-  DQ never disappoints.  Dilly Bar to Banana Splits…they know their stuff.

It’s everything else on the menu I have…over  time… grown weary of.

Limp and worn-out fries.   Stale toast and generic burgers.   I don’t think I can tell you how long it had been since I had actually had food from a DQ.

I ended up sitting in the drive-thru for almost 15 mins and I spent that time lowering all expectations.  I can remember enjoying DQ back in the day.     So I was hoping that this new store and I could start fresh.

And …..we already stumble out the gate.   I had the Country Basket…steak fingers…complete with cold fries….almost burnt fingers….and a fantastic malt.

Everything just tasted salty.   SUPER salty and overly processed.  I think I would have had better luck picking up some steak fingers and fries from the frozen foods department of a grocer and making them myself.

It’s just that it all comes across as bland and boring ….and that is dangerous when we have places like Smashburger and Raising Cane’s as alternatives.

I’m still rootin’ for ya DQ.  You got this ice-cream thing down….so why don’t you double-back and work on freshening-up that food menu, folks.



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