23 Apr

The sound of these made my mouth water.



A spicy and citrus-y bite– double dose of flavor on some chicken wings?..oh wait.. in this case …boneless wings?

Coming up with new sauces has to be kinda difficult.  I mean what’s left?   Ketchup&Mustard wings?

(don’t steal that idea, people….ya’ll always stealing from me)

So Chili & Lime from Wingstop sounded some kind of good to me.  I was mid-way through before I remembered to take a pic.   The chili is present but I didn’t taste much in the way of lime.  I guess I was expecting a dry rub or chili-paste marinade that had some fresh lime-juice mixed in.   These are kinda forgettable.   Not much heat and no citrus to speak of.

Oh well, they still have them that Lemon Pepper flavor….yum…


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