RUFFLES Hot Wings chips

15 Apr

UntitledRuffles released a “hot wing” chip over a year ago.  They were “okay” and they faded rather quickly.

Ruffles is back with another version.  This time it’s “inspired by” Buffalo Wild Wings.

As a promotion – it’s genius for BWW.  Regardless if they actually “inspired” by helping formulate the new recipe or it’s just a promotion that stops at the logo on the bag.    It totally reminds me of their restaurant and I find myself asking when was the last time I had been to a BWW.  So promotion successful.

So, how’s the chips?  Overall I like these “deep ridged” chips more than regular Ruffles.   Despite the fact that these deeper ridged chips break off into rather sharp angles and stab me in the roof of my mouth.

The flavor of these, seem different.   I taste pepper, butter, and even chicken in the flavoring of the chip.   The ingredient list on the back confirms my taste buds.   It’s a solid chip.   But like other “hot wing chips” that butter flavor tends to linger so there is a small after taste.    But these were fun and would go over at a party or cookout.


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