DOUGH Pizzeria Dallas

14 Apr

Have heard about this place for awhile now, so when I passed by it one day, I looped back for a to-go order.

DOUGH is a pretty swanky pizzeria.   Nice bar.   Deco and atmosphere is great.    I saw several tables of people having lunch and drinking…all having a ball.

Since it was my first time I tried your basic Margherita.   15 bucks might be a bit pricey in a town filled with 5 buck pies from Little Caesar’s and CiCi’s…..  but this ain’t that kind of pizza.

This is Napolentana Pies here, kid.    Once you have had it, you can’t “un-have-it” and you get a craving for it — outside your normal pizza cravings.    For me at least.   This is just a totally different animal.


 These pies are about balance, texture, technique, and flavor.    I mean look at this pie here.  It’s sexy-time.   That crust…fired in that intense heat of those ovens creates a smoke flavor unlike any other pie you can get.    That black “char”??  That’s FLAVOR, kid!!!

Serious flavor.

Getting this as take out was perfect because I was starving and unfortunately these types of pies tend to get cold rather quickly because they are slightly delicate.   They are best served ROCKET HOT and eaten quickly.

So between hot bites and dripping bits of scalding sauce on myself while driving…adjusting the radio….did I just get a text??…..and calling someone….it was all good.   Seriously good pizza here.

I would love to return with a few friends and relax over some wine and really soak up the mood there and just chill with a fantastic pie like this.

That sounds like a slice of heaven.


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