8 Apr

Villa Fresh Italian KitchenWHEW!!!  SOOOOO glad all that college basketball thingie is done.  But it did give us a good idea.   Using a bracket and picking a local city, we tried to find the best pizza in Grand Prairie.

(we picked GP because according to Google they had the least amount of pizza joints so we THOUGHT it was gonna be easy…..)  

I got it down to 16 places you could get a slice and from there the chow-down was on.

Last night we got down to four places for the GP title:   Chuck E. Cheese, Domino’s, Villa Fresh, and Papa John’s.

The 2014 Best Pizza in Grand Prairie Award goes to Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen.

Will there be a trophy or an awards ceremony?  We don’t know.   We are currently in hospital after having eaten nothing but pizza from 16 locations over the 3 days.   Stay tuned.



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