DiGiorno Thin & Crispy Pizza

4 Apr

UntitledSlow it down DiGiorno, you are creeping into MY territory now.  Everything was fine when you had your rising crusts and all that.

But if there is one thing I know…it’s Thin and Crispy pizza.   I live in the city that invented it.

Always happy to try new things because I do like some of the DiGiorno family.

I thought it odd that to launch a new product with such choices as:

Pepperoni and Peppers, Tomato Mozzarella w pesto, and Spinach and Garlic.

Loving both peppers and Pepperoni, it was a no brainer.    I picked one up and fired up the trusty oven.


 What you see to the right is what I slid out of my rocket hot oven.  Looking good, kid.

The choice of Pepperoni and Peppers is a good one because the peppers give the already peppy-pepperoni even more of a kick.   I like it.  The cheese and sauce are also good.  I am liking this pizza.

Except.  The.  Crust.
Which is the selling point.   This tastes like frozen pizza crust all the way.   Rigid and bread-y.    More crunchy and crumbly than crispy.    Sort of like Tombstone’s pizza crust.

Overall it’s still a good pie for frozen – but it’s not what it could have been.


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