McDonald’s Strawberry Pie

2 Apr

Untitled“Back for a limited time…. Strawberry Pie” read the sign out front the Mickey D’s.

“When the hell they have Strawberry Pie the first time?” I barked to everyone in the car.  Everyone meaning— just me.

I swing in and minutes later I have what you see at left.   What I didn’t hear- at any time — and would learn after bite #1 is that this is a Strawberry CREME pie.     If you look close you will see two beads of flavor inside that tender and flaky crust.  One strawberry and one cream-cheese-I-am-guessing.     The whole thing overall is pretty good.  The outer crust is very good….but call me simple…but just a full-on strawberry pie would have been awesome and enough for me.    The creme/cream/cream cheese addition was just a mild distraction.



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