Chick-fil-a Grilled Nuggets

1 Apr

UntitledOkay it’s a little “off” to call these nuggets.   It seems like they took a grilled chicken breast and sliced it up into “pieces” rather than “nuggets”.

But I digress.

These come in a sealed plastic container that already had red flags popping up everywhere in my mind.    Because from the time I ordered it until I opened it – a considerable amount of steam had built-up on the interior of the clear top-lid.   So much it was cloudy.

Meat in a cloudy-steamy-environment tends to end up soggy and rubbery in a matter of minutes.   So getting these FAST is the key.   Also because the plastic doesn’t really retain heat, and with just meat….no bun or anything to act as insulation – that chicken is gonna drop in temp.


While I liked  the grilled chicken sammich last week, I found, oddly enough, these nuggets to be juicer and more tender than I remember the sammich being.  Almost to the point it had me wondering if they are the same chicken used or are they different recipes.

So not a bad snack or lunch, but it isn’t very appealing to the eyes as you can see from the picture.   It’s a bit of a mess and generic looking.    But the taste is good.   But not good enough to make me order the grilled nuggets over the regular fried ones.     Just sayin…..again.


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